Work and Study in the UK-Requirements and Guidelines

Work and Study in the UK-Requirements and Guidelines

Are you passionate to work and study in the Uk? Congratulations! The United Kingdom is among the most expensive nation to live in. Pursuing a degree in the UK is not cheap, particularly if you’re not under any scholarship or study grant. Fortunately, there are many vacant options to make your academic journey in the UK a successful one like another learning point in the world. There are many scholarship offers and student loan systems that can provide you with the expected financial help needed to finish your program in the UK.

The Requirement to Work in the UK

Furthermore, the requirement to work in the United Kingdom as a student is contingent on two basic limitations: State official institutions and those set by your chosen institution. Firstly, you must be certain that your desired institution supports foreign students working while learning before dealing with state officials. For example, depending on your program of study, your institution might have set guidelines restricting your working hours plus the governmental limitations.

However, in the UK, particularly in big places like London, it is very eath for foreign students to find part-time work. Some institutions even permit foreign students to work within the campus.

Consequently, there are many works offers vacant for foreign students. Before looking for any part-time work, you must first check to see if you’re qualified to enroll for such a level. It starts with having the right Tier 4 visa (the standard student visa in the UK). If you’re below 16 years, you’re automatically not eligible to work in the UK. Also, these limitations are only on students coming from non-EU/EEA nations. All foreign students from the EU/EEA nations can work in the UK without any restrictions.

Furthermore, all restrictions and terms are duly written on your Tier 4 vignette (sticker), plus the number of hours you can work during your academic session. Simply go through all the terms carefully. In addition, when receiving your house permit paperwork, and a letter combined will give you more updates about if you can work or not while studying in the UK.

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  • Limited work time
  • Work must be authorized
  • Limited job – Part-time during term-time, Full-time during holidays
  • Capable to work as allowed by the Secretary of State
  • Limited as in Tier 4 guidelines
  • Work as in Tier 4 guidelines
  • Work is restricted to 10 hours every week at most during term-time
  • Work restricted to 20 hours every week at maximum during term-time

However, your international passport’s sticker may say something separate from the above choices. Still, don’t frit, if it does not say “no work” or “work forbidden,” then you are qualified to work.

If you don’t comprehend the terms written on your paperwork, you can call the immigration office for more explanation before making any further moves on looking for work.

In addition, if you choose to change your program or chase a higher degree, you may need to commence a new immigration registration. Before you get a response from the new registration procedure, it is advisable to stick to the old immigration position to avoid unnecessary case scenarios.

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How Many Hours Are You Allowed to Work Per Week?

The number of hours you’re allowed to work in the UK as a foreign student is dependent on the nature of the academic program you’re studying. Here are pieces of information on the number of hours you are permitted to work in the UK with respect to the nature and kind, of the program you’re doing.

Work Hours Per Week

20 hours per week

  • A full-time bachelor’s/ master’s degree course at a licensed higher education institution
  • A short-term program

10 hours per week

  • A full-time study below degree position
  • Any program where the student is below 18 years and is using a Tier 4 child visa

Example of Students not Allowed to Work While Studying in the UK

  • Students pursuing a part-time postgraduate course
  • Students studying in colleges of education at whatever position.
  • Students doing any program at a private higher education institution
  • Students below the age of 16 doing any course with a Tier 4 child visa

Also, in the UK you’ll face lots of restrictions, especially on the number of hours you can work. This depends on some issues, including the type of Tier 4 sponsor you’re studying at and the kind, of program, you’re pursuing. Full-time students only get to work for a max of 20 hours every week, whether it’s a paid job or not. One of the main restrictions of this regulation is that you can’t average a week in the period of time set because there is a legal definition of the week. And based on the set guideline, a week is a period from Sunday to Monday.

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Kinds of Jobs You’re Not Allowed to do as a Student in the UK

Consequently, after you make sure you’re allowed to work in the UK as you learn, the next thing you need to handle is how to comply with the strict rules set in place.  An example of such a guildeline is on the kind of jobs you’re allowed to do and the ones you’re not permitted to do as a student. The truth of the matter is that there are certain jobs you’re not permitted to do while studying in the UK based on the law. If you fail this, you can be deported back to your country home.

In addition, here are some of the jobs you’re not allowed to do while having a Tier 4 visa as a student in the UK

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  • Working freelance or being self-employed
  • Work as an artist
  • Professional sportspersons including sport coach
  • Full-time permanent work
  • Commence a business activity
  • Work as a medical doctor or dentist in training except you’re registered in a foundation program

Kinds of Jobs Vacant for Students in the UK

Generally, the primary duty of a student visa in the UK is to serve as an advantage for you to study without any restrictions. Although it is expressly designed to permit you to study in the country, it can also permit you to work within a certain time frame. However, you must know that the reason and level to which you’re permitted to work is for your career benefit and to support your finances.

Furthermore, the government set these restrictions to ensure you’re not losing track of your main goal of studying while working. If these limitations are not set in place, you can easily concentrate more on your work and making money rather than concentrating on your academics. Therefore you must note that these limitations are not sanctions or a form of racism for you not being an indigene.


In addition, if work placement is mandatory for your academic program, then there is a stipulated time you’re allowed to work. This is supposed to be less than 33% of the whole period of your program. But, there is a particular exemption to this law if:

  • You’re a Tier 4 (Child) aged 16 or above. You’re permitted to work up to 50% of the total length of your programs.
  • Your course program is part of a study abroad program, and it’s at RQF 6 or SCQF positions. You are permitted to work up to 50% of the total length of your studies.
  • Also, your course program is provided in a recognized higher education institution, and it’s at RQF 6 or SCQF 9. You’re allowed to work up to 50% of the total length of your studies.

Brief Summary

Also, work placement is a vital part of most study programs in British higher education universities, and there’s a UK statutory requirement that permits you to exceed set restrictions.

However, as a foreign student, you may be uninformed as to how the UK labor market works, and it may be difficult trying to figure out the kind of jobs you can be involved in without violating the laws. There are many student jobs you can do within the strict rules set by the government.

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In fact, most foreign students feel less of themselves, particularly when looking for part-time jobs to do because they feel they don’t have enough skills to land a good part-time job as a student. Also, the truth of the matter is that most of the part-time employment vacant for students does not demand a special skill or qualification.

More so, regardless of how hard the task you will be assigned to do in your job placement as a student, you’ll always receive further direction and guidelines from your employers on how to carry out the task.

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Kinds of Jobs Available to Foreign Students in the UK

Again, if you’re wondering about the kinds of jobs you can do as a foreign student in the UK to acquire more cash, we’ve got you covered. We have also examined a long list of some of the possible jobs you can venture into. They include:

  • Student Support officer
  • Gardener
  • Sports Facilities Worker
  • Admission Officer
  • Physiotherapy Assistant
  • Personal Assistant
  • Veterinary care assistant
  • Pizza Delivery Driver
  • Pharmacy Delivery Driver
  • Sales assistant
  • Finance Assistant
  • Enrollment advisor
  • Promotional worker
  • Residence Guider
  • Facilities Assistant
  • Receptionist
  • Waitress
  • Freelance translator
  • Customer Assistant
  • Blogger
  • Graphic designer
  • Cashier
  • Bartender
  • Smoothie Maker
  • Host at a Restaurant
  • Ice Cream Scooper
  • Personal Tutor
  • Photographer
  • Newspaper distributor
  • Social Media Assistant
  • Security guard
  • Fitness instructor
  • IT Assistant
  • Brand Ambassador
  • Software Developer Intern
  • Babysitter
  • House Cleaner
  • Bookseller
  • Pet caretaker
  • Tour Guide
  • Waitress at the university cafeteria
  • Research Assistant

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