Universities That Offer Criminology Degrees In Canada In 2023

Universities that offer criminology degrees in Canada in 2023

In this passage, we will elucidate on the list of Universities that offer criminology degrees in Canada in 2023.

Criminology as we all know is the research of criminality and deviant acts based on the knowledge of sociology, economics, statistics, etc. Criminology also enables us to get rid of crime and violence to a dot in society.

List of Universities that offer Criminology Degrees in Canada


1. University of Toronto

Having a criminology award from the University of Toronto not only will offer unlimited opportunities for a rewarding profession but will also secure you fast entrance to state, legal, and federal government employment.

Due to its astounding goodwill and uncommon educational excellence, the University of Toronto remains among many other Canadian schools. One of its powerful attributes is the study nature of the university, from which criminology students acquire and practice study procedures obtained from related programs.

Also, Criminology and sociolegal research fall under the Faculty of Arts and Science, respectively in the middle for Criminology and Sociolegal Study. The University serves as a study and learning unit of the institution.

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2. University of Ottawa

In preparation for the time ahead, the University of Ottawa is a perfect decision for criminology research. Having a passionate and capable ambition, the Department of Criminology established at The University of Ottawa presents programs for foreign students in both French and English language. By studying criminology at Ottawa University you will privilege to access the excellence of Ottawa city, regarded as among the largest urban areas in Canada.

Furthermore, the Faculty of Social Sciences is extremely thankful for its criminology department. The chance to study the mentality of criminals begins by registering in the master’s program.

This sector uses inventory and efficient methods for tackling crimes. It turns out that teachers of the criminology sector are currently studying and formulating important remedies to the present challenges, hence providing foreign students the opportunity to operate with well-known teachers of criminology. A promising educational career isn’t far away. In fact, even as a foreign student with knowledge in arts or humanities, you can easily join the people of Ottawa University. So long you meet the valence of faculty admission requirements.

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3. Simon Fraser University

Providing excellent education, Simon Fraser University goes past the usual borders of criminology study. With the duty to protect lives using the power of awareness, advocacy, and connection, Simon Fraser University provides students with three lively urban campuses and numerous partnerships that serve the growth of criminology students. One of the most vital admission criteria to register for a criminology course is to hold a secondary school certification or acknowledged international equivalent.

Simon Fraser University’s School of Criminology offers a diversity of fascinating and active graduate and undergraduate courses heading to the award of Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts, Master of Arts in Applied Legal Studies, and Ph.D. foreign students can decide to finish their criminology programs either as a major, a major with honors, a minor, or also as a minor in legal research.

The Criminology Student Association (CSA) is a source and support network for criminology students. The CSA is a perfect place to constitute and perform in events devoted to criminology challenges.

This institution is also among the list of universities that offer criminology degrees in Canada


4. University of Manitoba

The University of Manitoba is all about forming concrete changes, exchanging creative ideas, and building a peaceful umbworld for all beings. As a borderless establishment, the University of Manitoba offers you the privilege to examine all parts of the crime. On choosing this university for mastering a criminology career, you will have to meet the enrolling requirements, and fill in the application due date based on two different types of entries.

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In addition, some of Canada’s top criminologists gained their degrees from the University of Manitoba’s Criminology institution. All of them have agile research programs and have published greatly in their areas of specialization.

However, the Faculty of Arts, which offers the criminology course, includes a practicable program that pilots the educational and career hacks into real work activity. The distinctiveness of this course borders on the style in which programs are performed. In fact, the programs are sociological in nature, with strong attention to study, course creation, investigation, and policy analysis.


5. University of Windsor

Known for its innovative workers and egregious award-winning department, the ambiance of the University of Windsor generates unending student paths for improving their professional ambitions. Hence, pursuing criminology at this academic institution which concentrates on investigation, study, research, and teaching will have you practice your criminology career in a dignified way.

Also, criminology programs are under the Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminology. Foreign students can select simply the Bachelor of Arts – Honors which takes four years to study or Bachelor of Arts – Combined Honors, which also takes not less than four years to finish. Additionally, they have the option of choosing the Minor in Forensic and Cultural Anthropology which involves six courses in total. The long-standing criminology courses thoroughly handle criminal operations and legal problems.

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6. Ryerson University

Ryerson University is committed to improving a standard campus and city. Hence, selecting Ryerson University as the tertiary institution for criminology study will help you in developing analytical talents as well as quality study in human behavior.

However, inside the Faculty of Arts, you will discover many liberal arts courses vital in criminology full-time courses. Ryerson’s Criminology department provides its students with hands-on knowledge through investigation and case studies. It offers students the ability to examine and perform many forms of thinking toward subjects such as law, justice, human rights, Indigenous justice, ethics, crime control, and prevention. Criminology study at Ryerson University can be attained at the bachelor and master positions.


7. OntarioTech University

The University of Ontario Institute of Technology’s aim is to improve the lives of students as well as the standard of living umbworld, making socio-economic connections highly crucial. What separates this university from various Canadian universities that do criminology programs is the combination of the social and ethical effects of technology. Consequently, its 80 high-tech labs elevate positive social change by allowing students to perform research and discover innovative answers to world challenges.

OntarioTech University’s Criminology department scrutinizes and accurately computes criminological and sociological clarifications of why humans commit crimes. The coursework takes a disciplinary step toward the investigation of crime, based on a powerful heritage in criminology, sociology, philosophy, psychology, and law. Through practical study, students will do internships, engage in outdoor programs, and also write their undergraduate essays.



The above piece offers applicants, students, and immigrants the list of universities that offer criminology in Canada

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