Truck Drivers Jobs In Canada With Visa Sponsorship (Salary, Requirements And Companies To Apply)

Truck Drivers Jobs In Canada With Visa Sponsorship

Truck Drivers Jobs in Canada With Visa Sponsorship current study shows that the Canadian trucking sector will have less than 50,000 truck drivers before 2024. This is perfect opportunity for truck drivers who want to migrate to Canada and work in trucking industry.

However, there is no disbelief that Canada’s transportation industry encounters high appliacnts and a shortage of long distance truck drivers vacancies. These growth are aided by the Canadian government, which offers work permits to eligible international employees who want to become truck drivers in Canada.

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Requirements for Truck Drivers Jobs in Canada (With Visa Sponsorship).

Firstly, let’s look at what it required to become a truck driver in Canada. This will assist applicants grasp the prerequisities for a truck driver job in Canada.

  • As a truck driver you are supposed to work full-time, on weekends, night duties, evening duties, etc.
  • Truck driving does not demand a high school certificate.
  • Past knowledge of driving a heavy duty can be beneficial but it is not mandatory.
  • It is vital to be capable to converse in basic English.
  • Truck driving requires memberships, awards and licenses, as well as programs, certificates.
  • Including your Air Brake (Z), Endorsement, an eligible driver’s license is necessary.
  • Protection and Safety: You must be law abiding, a criminal history check, and a duplication of your driving record.
  • You must pass a medical test and drug tests.

Top Activities in Canada to Get Truck Driver Jobs

Here is a list of general programs that will assist you find work as a truck driver with Visa Sponsorship in Canada.

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British Columbia

Canada truck drivers also benefit from the provincial activity provided by British Columbia.

Furthermore, for applicants to the entry-position the provincial work market, a full-time level in long distance trucks is demanded. There are over 300 vacant jobs. Long truck drivers are permitted to live in the premise for long duration of time. Also, visit British Columbia Imigration for more details.


Quebec is the head in truck driver-friendly employments, with 800 vacant work ads. According to news on the Quebec government’s site for employment, there are good prospects for truck driver job.


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Around july 2019, the Ontario Immigrant Job Offer for Employers In-Demand Skills Stream joined the NOC code 7511 for drivers of transport trucks. It was also joined to the number with three other occupations.

However, experienced truck drivers who have provided job in Ontario may follow a certain way to get permanent residence in Canada. Visit:


Long distance truck drivers is another in-demand profession that the Alberta Immigrant Program provides, have more than 400 employments on the bank. Truck drivers can enter the Alberta Opportunity Stream or Alberta Express Entry.


Companies who wish to employ truck drivers in Manitoba must conform with the Federal Labor Market Assessment for Temporary Foreign Workers procedure. Companies can only employ workers beyond the LMIA procedure through the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program, as long as they meet specific criteria, like the recruitment process and compliance with labor laws.

Visit: Manitoba Immigration for more details

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Newfoundland and Labrador

It is a district in Canada.

Newfoundland and Labrador’s Labour Market Outlook 2025 statement spots truck driving as a profession that demand substantial migration to meet employment requirement. To be qualified employers, applicants must present an application to the NLPNP’s Express.


Saskatchewan Immigration provides a sub-category for long distance truck drivers who are already permitted to work in Canada. This employment is also qualified for Express Entry in-Demand and Eployment groups. Each group specializes on specific careers.

Nova Scotia

The two main jobs that are targeted by the Nova Scotia Nominee Programme’s Occupations On-Demand stream are Transportation Truck Drivers (NOC 7511). This permits drivers to apply for permanent residency.

This activity could assist you get a job as a truck driver in Canada and Visa Sponsorship.

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Salaries For Truck Drivers Jobs In Canada With Visa Sponsorship

Presently, truck drivers are paid an hourly salary that is similar to the federal and provincial standard.

Consequently, the average truck driver’s salary is slightly lesser than the national standard, according to Statistics Canada and the Job Bank. It could be $8 bigger than the standard salary, which is $32 an hour in particular circumstances.

In conclusion, truck drivers’ salaries are anticipated to increase as labor demand increases over the next few years.

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This passage provides foresight on what to expect while applying for a trucking job in Canada.



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