Best Home Insurance Companies In Canada

Best Home Insurance Companies In Canada

Are you interested in working with the best home insurance companies in Canada? Congratulations! You’re at the right place. This piece examines a list of best home insurance companies in Canada currently.

Home insurance assists you beshield your home and everything in it from different mishaps. Which may include; robbery, fire, and even when someone gets hurt on your property. It also includes damage caused to the inside, outside, and the property surrounding your home.

The correct insurance coverage you’ll get depends on your insurance contract, but most insurance contract usually include some combination of personal property coverage and liability coverage.

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The personal property coverage safeguards the things you own, and the liability coverage will protect you in the case that your property causes harm to other people’s property. For example, in the case of a fire outbreak from your property and it extends and destroys your neighbor’s property.

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Kinds Of Home Insurance

There are different kinds of home insurances in Canada. Some of them are includes;

  • Building Insurance

    This covers the formation of your house as well as any permanent fixtures like roof, kitchen slab, door etc.

  • Content Insurance

    This is the best form of insurance coverage, it protects you against  any of your property you can think of as long as it’s in your house. Although, there are some things that are specifically listed as an exclusion in your contract.

  • Landlord Insurance

    This coverage is suitable only when you’re a landlord and you’re answerable for the upkeep and maintenance of the house that you’re renting out.

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  • Students Insurance

    However, the standard insurance policy covers your property when you’re with family or in the University. But where it doesn’t, the student insurance comes in. It covers your property in school such as laptops, phones etc.

  • Holiday Home Insurance

    Holiday homes insurance are not usually covered in the same manner as your main house insurance because they’re liable to burglary since they are usually not occupied.

  • Unoccupied Home Insurance

    Unoccupied home insurance which is also reffered to as empty home insurance covers an empty property for longer than general home insurance. Although, most insurance institution do not like properties to be empty for more than 30 days in order to reduce burglary.

Here’s A List Of The Best Home Insurance Companies In Canada

Below is a list of best home insurance companies in Canada, this ranking is based on customers satisfaction and total assets

Rank Company Customer’s Satisfaction (out of 1,000) Total Assets 
1 The Co-operators 791 $56.4 B
2 RBC Insurance 774 $1.336 T
3 Allstate 764 $120 B
4 The Personal 762 $282 B
5 Belairdirect 761 $35.11 M
6 Economical Insurance 761 $6.5 B
7 Johnson Insurance 756 $174.89 B
8 Intact Insurance 753 $35.11 M
9 TD Insurance 749 $1.41 T
10 Travellers 746 $110.11 B



Homeowners insurance is not compulsory in many states. However, most banks and mortgage lenders demand you buy home insurance or else you won’t be eligible for loan. Moreover, it is crutial to buy home insurance since you don’t know what the future holds.


Note that the information above is subject to change as the figures change from time to time.

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