Best (10) Degrees That Guarantee a Job In Thailand

Best (10) Degrees That Guarantee a Job In Thailand

The standard monthly wage in Thailand has been on the rising side over the last few years. It is soothing to know the top degrees that would guarantee you a job as soon as you graduated. Jobs in the healthcare sector, IT, banking, and so on are usually the overwhelming job positions in thailand. With just your certificate, you can get an entry-level employment, while acquiring exposure and improving to research more job opportunities out there. Best (10) Degrees That Guarantee a Job In Thailand.

The trending best (10) degrees that guarantee a job in Thailand that you may find interesting:

Software engineers

Software engineers also known as software developers or programmers, take up the role of designing, building, and testing computer programs. Software experts build the computer with different computer languages – frontend, backend, databases, servers, and so on.

To become a software developer, you will have to first become committed in IT subjects as well as get the important skills that would assist you in this field. The best starting point is a degree in computer science. Consequently, you may see a business computing qualification very helpful. Practical exposure is also a tool that would assure you a safe employment in this sector.

The medium wage for a software engineer in Thailand is around 508 270 THB every year.

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Digital Marketing Manager

Digital marketing managers ensure taking care of digital channels like social media, emails, and blogs. These drives are geared towards generating new business and increase brand popularity. To be significantly good in the sector of digital marketing, you must be talented, analytical, focused, innovative, able to solve problem,s and also able to work automously in order to be perfect at what you do.

Become a digital marketer demands a strong interest in studies like marketing, the management, or familiar disciplines. Being eligible in media, English literature, and other humanity studies may assist you greatly.

Digital marketers make about 965 672 THB each year.


There is no establishment that you step into without finding at least one accountant. Accountants take different kinds of financial choices and business insights while making sure that records are exact and up to date. It is one the best-paying jobs in Thailand and you can choose to work with a company or work alone.

To be qualified an accountant in Thailand, you will have at least a bachelor’s degree in accounting.

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Furthermore, in Thailand, accountants make 420 000 THB annually.

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Energy and Resource Engineer

An energy and resource professional aims on how to produce energy naturally or through renewal means. They creat and test machinery as well as enhance an existing procedures and processes. Technical awareness will be needed to control this sector because it is among the best-paying jobs in Thailand.

In addition, an engineering degree in a close sector like environmental engineering, mining, and petroleum will be a good starting point. To elevate in your profession, you can get a postgraduate certificate as well as get licensed with the Council of Engineers of Thailand.

Lastly, the standard salary for energy and renewable engineer is 1 080 000 THB yearly.

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Language Translator

It is among Best (10) Degrees That Guarantee a Job In Thailand.

It is one of the most sought-after employments in Thailand. As a result, you will need to understand the native language spoken in the country and another strong one, as well as the know-how to read, write and speak the language. An understanding of a foreign language will also be an added advantage as that could assist you land a good job with a larger crowd. Tour guides and diplomats need to study languages in order to communicate with foreigners and other people of the different languages they connect with every day. Also, the culture of the people you are translating from or translating to should be greatly studied by you. Make sure you have a degree qualification to start with.

Translators take home as high as 1 090 000 THB in Thailand.

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