(ADHE) Arkansas future grant 2022-2023

(adhe) arkansas future grant

The “Arkansas Future (ARFuture) Grant Program” is the newest state grant program that the Arkansas Department of Higher Education is proud to announce.

Students studying in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) or other regionally in-demand fields of study are eligible for the grant. The grant’s goal is to affordably raise the workforce’s education and skill levels in Arkansas.

However, the award will pay the tuition and fees for qualified students enrolled in accredited certificate and associate degree programs at public colleges and universities in Arkansas.

The Arkansas Higher Education Coordinating Board’s administrative team is the Arkansas Department of Higher Education (adhe).

But to promote higher education throughout the state, the Department collaborates closely with Arkansas’s public colleges and universities.

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Also in 1961, the Commission on Coordinating Higher Education Finance—the Department’s predecessor—was founded. The Department of Higher Education was created out of the Commission in 1971.


Arkansas Future Grant Value

So the Scholarship is worth over $20,000


Applicants for Arkansas future grant must satisfy the requirements below:

1. Possess a high school diploma that has been approved by the Department of Career. Such as Education, or have graduated from a public, private, or home school in Arkansas;

2. Also demonstrate that they have lived in the state for the three (3) years prior to applying and that they have either:

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3. Graduated from a private school, home school, out-of-state high school, or obtained a high school equivalency diploma recognized by another state.

4. Enrollment in a program of study leading to an associate degree or a certification in a STEM or local high-demand field, whether part-time or full-time, at an accredited institution of higher education.

6. Submit an FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) (FAFSA)

But Applicants will be noneligible if:

1. Got an associates degree

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2. Lack the required level of satisfactory academic progress (SAP)

3. Not satisfying his or her community service duty


Method Of Application

Applicants are to make an online application for the grant by visiting ADHE Arkansas Future Grant.

Also, for other scholarship opportunities, Applicants can visit RECENT

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