2023 Equitable Excellence Scholarship

The 2023 Equitable Excellence Scholarship.
In order to provide possibilities for aspiring college students, the improved scholarships program offers renewable scholarships as well as engagement.

The 2023 scholarship will begin accepting applications in the fall of 2022. with a renewed emphasis on identifying students who exhibit promise by showcasing the traits of leadership. tenacity. and perseverance as vital building blocks for their ahead breakthrough.

The centerpiece initiative of Equitable Foundation, the company’s generous attitude, is Equitable Excellence.


The objective of the Equitable Excellence Scholarship. is to empower students’ future plans in order for them to continue making positive contributions to their communities, which is in line with Equitable self vision of assisting people in achieving financial security so that they can combat the future with boldness.

However, to financial aid, Equitable intends to provide scholarship recipients with engagement opportunities and development opportunities to aid in their transition into their first year of college. This will include professional skill-building workshops, networking opportunities, and mentoring with Equitable own workforce and executive leadership teams.

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High school seniors who are about to graduate can apply while the application is open. By writing an essay in which they demonstrate their daring in seeking possibilities, strength in overcoming obstacles, and ability to impart wisdom.

New strategic partnerships between Equitable and Scholarship America, CommonApp, and the National College Attainment Network (NCAN). Are supporting the Equitable Excellence Scholarship in order to help students who apply for the scholarship and are looking for resources to support the college application process.


Value Of Scholarship

So, Equitable will offer 100 $5,000 annual scholarships to deserving students to help them along their academic paths. These scholarships will be renewed each academic year for four years, totaling $20,000 for each winner. The company will also give out 100 one-time $2,500 scholarships, which can assist students in covering expenses of higher education like tuition, books, or board.

However, in combination with the scholarship, winners have the privilege to participate  in activities that foster networking, professional skill development, and mentoring.


The 2023 Equitable Excellence Scholarship Eligibility/Criteria

Students who have promise are important to us. Also those who have the strength to overcome obstacles and the wisdom to impart their knowledge to others. Our guarantee to people committed to realizing their aspirations is the Equitable Excellence Award.

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1. Enrolled high school seniors

2. Those who intend to attend full-time for the forthcoming academic year in a US two- or four-year college or institution.
3. Being a resident of one of the 50 United States of America. Also District of Columbia, or Puerto Rico, or being a citizen of the United States.
4. Be prepared to sign a release allowing the public to know who they are. what they’ve accomplished, and to use their photos for program marketing and information.

Method Of Application

Visit Equitable Excellence Scholarship to find out more and to application.

Also, to apply for other Scholarship offer, visit ONNSFA Scholarship Program

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