2023 Coolidge Scholarship (Apply Now)

2023 Coolidge Scholarship (Apply Now)

2023 Coolidge Scholarship is currently among the best college scholarship around the world. It is sponsored by the Calvin Coolidge Presidential Foundation

In brief, the Coolidge Scholarship is America’s “absolute” merit scholarship and is available for only high school juniors registered full-time at a licensed U.S. institution.

Also, the scholarship settles a student’s complete tuition, accommodation, board, and required fees for four years of undergraduate program. The Coolidge Scholarship also offers yearly stipend for texts, and other supplies.

However, the Coolidge Foundation is the authorized foundation devoted to preserving the glory and promoting the values of America’s 30th president. The Foundation was established in 1960 by John Coolidge, the president’s son, along with a number of fellow Coolidge faithfuls.

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Coolidge Scholarship


  • The 2023 Coolidge Scholarship candidates must be indigenes or legal permanent occupants of the United States of America at the time of application.
  • Furthermore, Coolidge Scholarship candidates must have in mind to register full-time at a licensed U.S. institution or college as an undergraduate. Which means, applicants in their junior year of high school, are qualified to apply. However, students who are presently high school juniors but take some program at a local institution are indeedqualified to apply for the Coolidge Scholarship.
  • In conclusion, 2023 Coolidge Scholarship candidates cannot be a family member of any present employee or guarantor of the Coolidge Scholars Program or the Calvin Coolidge Presidential Foundation.

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Method of Application for the 2023 Coolidge Scholarship Program

For application, scholarship candidates must enroll or register before applying for the scholarship through CoolidgeScholars

Required Documents

  • Statement of recommendation
  • supply a copy of your high school transcript

Scholarship Worth

The Coolidge Scholarship is a yearly awarded, complete, presidential scholarship that pays for student’s school fee, accommodation, charge for four years of undergraduate program.

Application Deadline

The 2022-23 Application will close on February 23, 2023.

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Contact Information

If you have any questions, send an email at Coolidge scholarship-at-coolidgefoundation.org

Additional Coolidge Scholarship Information

Firstly, the scholarship website is now open and accepting applications.

The 2022-23 registration endtime for the scholarships will be February 23, 2023, at 5 p.m. Eastern Time.

Consequently, the coolidge scholarships in the United States provides tuition, accommodation and board, texts, and charge for students who meet certain requirement. It settles 4 years of undergraduate programs at a licensed institution.

Also, the scholarship is an absolute scholarship given to students regardless of their geographic environment, races, family backgrounds, family incomes, educational majors, or institutions they plan to attend. Named before enrolling for admission, Coolidge Scholars can decide from any licensed U.S.-based institutions or universities where they gain admission.

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Furthermore, the Coolidge Scholars Program was established by the Calvin Coolidge Presidential Founda­tion. The Coolidge Foundation was founded by former U.S. president Calvin Coolidge in 1927. It is an independent, nonpartisan organization situated in Plymouth Notch, Vermont.

Where Calvin Coolidge was born to study more about the Coolidge Foundation and its programs. Also, there aren’t any specific criteria for which college I can go to. The scholarship can be enrolled for at any licensed U.S. institution.You need to register directly to the university you want to go to. You must gain admission into an American accredited college or university if you want to receive the Coolidge Scholarship

You don’t need to pursue any specific academic major to qualify for the Coolidge Scholarship. The Coolidge Scholars Program started in the winter of 2016. It began accepting applications for its first cohort in July 2016. The 2022-23 academic application cycle will be the eighth yearly cycle for the Coolidge Scholarship.


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